King of the Eggs Patch 0.2 release notes

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It's been a while since we launched our Alpha version. We've received all of your feedback and started to test it with different players. With this new insights on our game, we set ourselves to createe a better game experience for our players, making it more fun and with better Ai. This explains the many changes to our game.

In general:

-Sound engineering and more balanced sound effects. crashing effects and the overall auditive experience feels softer and more enjoyable.
-Tighter controls as a game design decision, with quicker responses to the players' commands.
-Visual assets were updated across the game.
-Cursor was removed to avoid confussion or unexpected game behavior.

King of the Hill:

-Artificial intelligence was undefeatable, now it's more balanced.
-Rocks' location can now be perceived with more ease so the player has better control of the machine.
-Game mechanics have changed for the game to become more enjoyable. Now it's fairer, after someone controls the machine, he's not left in the center, and this space's wider now.


-Arrow patterns have been fixed to become more predictable, in order to allow the player to create a game strategy around these patterns. 
-Arrow perception has been improved so their origin location's more noticeable.
-Snow balls' size and freezing times have been balanced.

Hot Ball:

-Fairer respawn for both teams, they both start in their initial position.
-There's a short period of time after the respawn for the game to begin again.
-Visual adjust to the fields, they both looked reddish, now they're distinguishable with red and blue.
-Ai bug fxes.


-Menu bug fixes.
-Visual asstes have been added to the character selection menu to clarify wich specific character has been selected by the player.
-Visual improvements to the world selection in the Eggorias map and bug fixes.
-Navigation between menus.
-UI updates.


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