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King of the Eggs Patch 0.2 release notes

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It's been a while since we launched our Alpha version. We've received all of your feedback and started to test it with different players. With this new insights on our game, we set ourselves to createe a better game experience for our players, making it more fun and with better Ai. This explains the many changes to our game.

In general:
-Sound engineering and more balanced sound effects. crashing effects and the overall auditive experience feels softer and more enjoyable. -Tighter controls as a game design decision, with quicker responses to the players' commands. -Visual assets were updated across the game. -Cursor was removed to avoid confussion or unexpected game behavior.

King of the Hill:
-Artificial intelligence was undefeatable, now it's more balanced. -Rocks' location can now be perceived with more ease so the player has better control of the machine. -Game mechanics have changed for the game to become more enjoyable. Now …

Cooking Lessons 101 - Boiled Eggs for a new Breakfast


So, have you ever wondered where the most delicious eggs in the world come from?
We gotta tell you, we've seen many eggs in our lives, but none of them can compare to the eggxcelence we discovered in Eggorias.

Welcome to the wonderful land of eggs, gods, chaos, wars, duels and glory!
We present to you our chronicles of the development and the process to bring soul to these eggs.

It all started when two friends wanted to make videogames. They had already developed their first ugly and funny game, about goats against llamas. They loved that idea so much that they wanted to give it a try, and bring the game to a bigger scale. So they started to recruit friends into the project.
Once they got a big group they decided they should make a game from scratch. That was the moment when the idea of making a fragile, fun, royal game was conceived, and that's how King of the Eggs was born.

We decided that if we were going to make a game about eggs, it would have to be the best way to break your friend's eggs, we wanted it to be the next friendship ruiner in partys. We wanted it to be the best drinking videogame evah! So, to achieve that, we established a little set of ingredients and steps to follow. And that's what we're sharing here with you, the knowledge to achieve a wonderful experience to play with your eggs, alone or with friends! We recommend playing with friends, or well... if you're goint to do it alone, please do it somewhere private.

So, you want to know how to cook some delicious eggs, but you're tired of having the same kind of eggs every day? Then we're goint to teach you how to smash the kitchen with some delicious eggs from another dimension! By the end of this post you will transcend into a new era of Eggtitude, you and your eggs will become one, and all your yolk will rise up into the heavens to create new eggs to break.

To develop a great game you will need the following ingredients:
  • Love. We know it sounds like something anyone would say, but for real. If you don't put love into your game you will never achieve a great product.
  • Eggs
  • Prototype as soon as you can!
  • A lot of sweet and delicious iterations!
  • A smashing team! 
  • Bacon
  • Think outside the box!
  • Tomatoes
  • If you believe in your product don't give up!
  • Cheese
  • Provide a great experience, from the moment the player enters the game, to the post-game cosplay conventions. 
As we mentioned before, this idea was the result of a great brainstorming with the Alpaca team. We started to work on this game in August, 2015. When we started, we had a blurry idea of what a party was. Only two or three members knew a lot about party games, but the rest of us had only played games like Mario Party, and nothing more. Most of us were undergraduate students of engineering, art and music, who didn't have much experience in video games production.

The first protoype we designed, was a game in which a kid was playing with some eggs in his house, and each level took place in some part of his home. Through his imagination, he created th greatest adventures with these eggs.

One of the things that you have to know when you're developing a game is that you have to prototype everything you're designing. 

The thing is that when we started, we envisioned the game as a 2D platformer-fighting game with power ups. The main idea was that you would have to fight against other eggs to gain control of the crown and become the king of the eggs.

In our minds, it was a beautiful game. It was the best game ever invented. We thought "guys, with this game we're goint to be famous!" When we went to developer events in our city, we told people that our game was the best. But.... well.... see for yourselves what we were talking about:

We tried to create characters, but didn't manage to even create a good name or a background story for them. 

The problem with this game was that we spent a lot of time on it, we were stuck in the same concept. When we least expected it, we realized that the game was a common platformer with no soul. The concept of a kid playing with eggs in his house was cool, but there wasn't anything more to it.

This made us think.... if we want to cook Mr. Krabs' best eggs, the best eggs for you and for me, we had to change. Then we stopped and said..."we need a soul", "we need to think of a reason for people to play our game". From that moment on, we set ourselves to create a narrative, a universe about eggs. We kept the concept of a party game with mini games, but this time, we were going to have characters, nations, a world where eggs could live, have deities, cultures and technology. This is how the Eggorias universe was born. 

From that moment on we started working on the development of the narrative world, the characters, the environments, and the scenarios. But a new question was brought up in our minds all the time, "if we're going to create an element in a egg world, how would an egg create it? He's an egg!". 
We decided that we were going to start working more seriosly into the game, and we learned that what we were doing all the time was wrong. We forgot a lot of a videogame production steps.

Now for the main steps of creating tasty eggs we have:
  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production
In this blog entry we won't go deep into the details for each step in our developent, but we will talk about them later. In our pre-production step we designed how the eggs were going to look when cooked, their world, gods, heroes, the reason why they would fight one another to be king. We started making a better design for the game modes and their variations. We decided to create 4 main games which would have 4 variations. One mode and one variation for nation. We began prototyping those levels as soon as we could, without assets, just to see if it was fun to play. During the production step, we developed all the assets and all the levels of the game. We will go further in detail in future entries.

In the next posts we will explain how we came from the game you saw above, to this:


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